Is Your Current Software Holding Your Healthcare System Back?

Say goodbye to outdated billing and patient care with Accresa. Streamline payment processing, offer flexible payment options, manage all subscription care plans, and enjoy a consolidated view of your financial data.

Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the member experience with Accresa’s modern Subscription Care.

Navigating Multiple Technology Systems in Your Practice is
Inefficient, Unnecessary, and Costly

With Accresa, you can expedite appointment booking and service orders, build a robust patient portal around the needs of each member, accept credit cards and schedule remote consultations through the patient portal, and manage employee incentives and employer-sponsored plans without additional cost. All with one database that stores member information securely, upholding state regulations.

Accresa Is the Missing Piece to Your Puzzle

No other platform offers the complete solution for enterprise organizations.

Embrace The Evolution Of Healthcare Based Technology

You don't have to pick and choose with Accresa because you get it all.

Manage An Array of
Subscription Care Plans

Offer patients any combination of dental, primary care, vision, and telemedicine plans.

Accept A Variety
Of Payment Options

Automated clearing house, payroll deduction, credit/debit card, consumer direct accounts (i.e. FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts)

Seamless Payment
Distribution To Multiple Parties

Automatically disperse payment through your enterprise pipeline (Network, Clinic, Physician, Broker and/or Employer)

Next Level
Data Reporting

Gain access to reporting down to individual provider-patient panels including all demographic information

On average, healthcare systems can reduce time spent on manual invoicing by 75%

Simplify Your Operations with Accresa's All-in-One Solution

Accresa is the ultimate subscription care platform for hospital systems looking to streamline their revenue cycle management. With our innovative platform, you can easily manage all types of subscription care plans, including dental, primary care, vision, and telemedicine, through one network login.