Ready to Take Your Healthcare Network to the Next Level?

Revolutionize your healthcare network and save valuable time and money with Accresa’s all-in-one subscription care platform. Our innovative technology helps large hospital networks optimize their billing processes and eliminate the need for manual filing. With Accresa, you can streamline your billing procedures, consolidate payments from multiple sources, and improve your financial viability.

Say Goodbye to RCM Platforms and Hello to Efficient Billing

Our platform offers a variety of flexible payment options, tailored enrollment experiences, and subscription care plans to meet the needs of your members. Switch to Accresa and experience the benefits of a streamlined, consolidated platform that will take your healthcare network to the next level, while reducing manual billing and freeing up time for more critical tasks.

Unmatched Benefits Without Increasing Costs: The Accresa Advantage

As a C-suite executive, you know that managing a hospital network’s finances is crucial to its success. With Accresa’s subscription-based healthcare model, you can provide your patients with quality care while optimizing your financial viability. Our platform offers unmatched benefits without increasing costs, allowing you to streamline your billing processes, consolidate payments, and provide tailored enrollment experiences for your members.

With Accresa, you have access to a team and community dedicated to helping you succeed in offering subscription care to your patients. Our innovative technology makes it easy for you to expand your patient networks and support your employers, helping you to take your healthcare network to the next level. Experience the Accresa advantage and start providing your patients with the care they deserve, while optimizing your financial success.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Accresa's Subscription-Based Model for Healthcare

Overwhelmed With Complex Rcm Systems

Overwhelmed With
Complex RCM Systems

Accresa helps overburdened healthcare networks that use complex RCM systems that don’t entirely fill the gaps. End the frustration of juggling multiple systems by using an ALL-IN-ONE platform like Accresa.

A Large Percentage Of Time And Money Is Devoted To Manual Billing

A Large Percentage Of Time And Money
Is Devoted To Manual Billing

Is your staff stuck dealing with the woes of processing billing manually? Reduce time spent on billing by 75% with Accresa’s next-level payment system.  Our Automated payment process is seamless and allows for multiple forms of payment like HSA and FSA accounts.

How a Leading Health System Grew Their Subscription Care Program and Reduced Time Spent on Manual Invoicing by 75% with Accresa

Frequently Asked Questions

Accresa empowers you to capture prospective payments based on a membership plan, which leads to a sustainable practice with more time to spend on patients you care about. This platform also eliminates claims, which reduces your overhead costs.

Accresa believes our physicians should be accessible, so we require 24/7 access via your preferred methods of communication. You can access patients by phone, text, video, email or in-person. You control your workload on Accresa, so you can take on as many (or as few) patients as you’d like. You adapt to Direct Primary Care at your own pace.

Accresa believes in the open market and doesn’t dictate service fees. There is no requirement on a number of patients you take on.

Accresa works directly with employers to connect the patient population (their employees) to you. These patients search for physicians by location, service, fee or background. Once they’ve found you, they will associate to your practice, which starts your monthly payments.

Accresa facilitates prospective payments every month by the 15th. We are contract-based, but no fees are billed to your office (traditional credit card transaction fees apply).

Effortlessly Consolidate Your Payments with Accresa's
Subscription-Based Healthcare Platform

Our all-in-one platform is designed to simplify your billing procedures. With flexible payment options, tailored enrollment experiences, and a range of subscription care plans, we offer everything you need to streamline your healthcare network. Sign up with Accresa today and experience the benefits of a consolidated platform that saves you valuable time and resources.