Dental Care Subscription Management Made Easy

Accresa helps dental practices streamline their practice management process with a software platform that allows dental professionals to focus on what really matters. . . providing excellent dental care. Manage all patient payment data on one easy-to-use platform.

Subscription Care is the Future of Dental Health

Empower your DSO and your patients.

Accresa prides itself on being a scalable platform for all Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and focuses on providing greater access to affordable dental care by decreasing the need for outside insurance. This helps cut down on costs for both you and your patients.

Easily enroll patients, singular or en masse, into manageable subscription care plans. Grow your business with custom enrollment links where patients can opt into your customizable care coverage.

Make the Accresa platform your own. Showcase your company’s brand with personalized logos and color schemes on patient and group portals. Our fully customizable interface was designed with you in mind.

Empower your dental network by building a provider base that’s available for consumers all over the country.

Accresa allows you to custom build with an option to offer multiple dental membership plans (monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually.)

Accresa Is The Ultimate Dental Practice Management Software

Our platform allows real-time data tracking of patient demographic information, eligibility, and  payment history. Accept payments from FSA/HSA accounts according to IRS standards and effortlessly update any patient payment information with a click of a button.

Accresa manages all payment information and tracks outstanding balances that can be reconciled in Accresa. Accresa also allows providers the option to upload and manage patient agreements that require eSignature prior to enrollment.

Save time, effort, and money with Accresa.

Learn how Accresa can help you optimize your patient management and billing today.

65 Million

FSA or HSA accounts
are out there today;

More than
50 Million

unique that can be used
to buy dental

Patients can
save 30% on
dental programs

by using pre-tax dollars
via HSA / FSA

Revolutionize how you operate as a dental service provider.

Manage all your patient points of interest in one platform instead of juggling multiple programs that fall short. See how Accresa can optimize your day to day.