Launch and Manage Subscription Care Plans with Ease

Looking for an easier way to scale a subscription care plan? Accresa connects the payment, billing, network management, and member enrollment functions under one platform. See how easy it is to bring your vision to life.

Accresa is the preferred enterprise-grade subscription care platform for hospitals and health systems.

Are you a...

Hospital system

trying to scale or start a subscription care plan?

An innovative healthcare membership company scaled their services from one location to multiple states. Learn how.

Healthcare network

looking for an efficient way to consolidate patient payments?

A multi-location health system reduced time spent on manual invoicing by 75%. Learn how.


wanting to focus more time on delivering care and less on billing and payments?

An integrated network of health clinics saved 120 hours annually on manual enrollments and billing. Learn how. 

How Accresa helps you

Accresa is the only digital platform that makes it possible for hospitals and healthcare providers to offer subscription care plans with ease. We remove the biggest challenges of running subscription care plans so that you can get the results you’re after.

Focus On Patient Care

We eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks so you can spend time doing what you do best.

Simplify Payments

We combine transactions from multiple patients, across multiple employers, into a single, reconciled monthly payment for each participating physician, clinic, or network.

Reach More People

We help build and manage affiliate networks customized to your needs so you can expand into new markets and reach more employers.

We’re the Engine that Powers Subscription Care Plans

Accresa manages the billing, payments, provider networks, and patient enrollment of subscription and membership plans.

Direct Primary Care
Direct Medical Care Arrangement
Virtual Care
Onsite and Near-Site
Affiliate Networks
Urgent Care

CHI Health Clinic turns to Accresa for efficiency in collecting membership fees, selection of providers, and accurate tracking of panel sizes.

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